My Cars

Please see below some passions of my life...

I never liked trains. As long as I can remember, it was just cars and if came to it, no trucks or utility cars, but fast, exciting and exotic machines. Soon I was into ownership of a metallic green Ferrari 250 Lusso and one burgundy coloured E-Type, later to be followed by a Ford GT 40 in American Racing livery. All came from the same factory: Matchbox, - that's right! Looking out for increased motive power, I fell in love with slot racing. The green Scalextric Aston Martin DB4 and the red 250 SWB, both with working headlights, were campaigned extensively around the Christmas tree. During the mid sixties, toys were not as plentiful as they are today, - so it was a real occasion getting for instance Corgi Toy's James Bond golden Aston as a present. Times moved fast and after a short flirtation with model aircrafts and some distraction to finish school, hey presto, - I was old enough to become a driver myself.

A Triumph GT6 MkI was bought as a restoration project. Yes, I did drive it to the paint shop and back, but I could not wait. So after selling my stamp collection and whatever I could turn into cash, I acquired an MG Midget MkII that gave me a lot of summer fun. Sunbeam Alpines and Triumph TRs followed and finally this obsession killed my University career and I never became a medical doctor.

One big goal was to own one of each of the Triumphs in the TR series. But as I missed two important examples (Italia and Francorchamps), I broadened my horizon to be interested in all cars from Crossley Hotshot to Pagani Zonda, knowing their ins and outs better than a professor.

Now the Foundation will focus on fewer cars in nicer condition. To be able to enjoy them and not have to see them sitting and deteriorating. Mind you, I am close to 50 years of age, but sometimes still 12 in my head.