The world of cars in scale

Quite often when your automotive desire outpaces your financial possibilities and looking at literature and pictures does no longer stimulate you, it is certainly high time to go out and buy your dream car. No, - not the real one, as you would have to steal it without money, but in most cases we will be able to afford a nice model.

Starting from there, building up a collection would be the next logical step. Mind you, there a lots of advantages involved: You will not have to face big fuel or servicing costs, tyre wear and garage bills; an engine rebuilt is just unlikely and if the worst comes to the worst, it's fall (similar to a road accident) from the glass cabinet down to the floor might no be the end of the empire.

Sometimes I used to put a model of my then desired dream machine close to my bed to make me aware of the main reason to get up and work hard and harder in order to afford the purchase of it's 1:1 brother (sister).

Making the wrong choices, as with the real cars when buying, can seriously damage you finances, when the time for selling comes.

The Foundation advises always to prefer obsolete models of cult manufacturer like Corgy, Dinky, Spot on, Solido, Mercury, Tecno in dye cast toys, Scalextric or Carrera in Slotracing, Schuko and Bandai in tinplate and Airfix, Revell, Mongram in plastic kits, versus anything modern. Go for the best condition (mint+boxed, unplayed with) that you can afford, unless restoring work thrills you.

Pedal cars would also make a good choice.
Here we aim for presenting you a certain "Model of the month",- hopefully every month.