Dear Visitor,

Welcome to the FIRESTREAM FOUNDATION reloaded.

Too many of you have realised that this website lay dormant for a much longer time than they care to remember.

How comes? Has the Foundation been sleeping as well with nothing to write home about?

Not so, - but sometimes other activities can be energy absorbing and then no power is left for the extra mile. Indeed it is nearly the same situation that can affect people tied up in a long lasting relationship and love. They think that it will continue to run,run and run. Even with less and less effort. Of course it does not. Then people are surprised when it grinds to a halt….

An unpleasant event indeed, - so it must be avoided that it will happen to the FF website as long as there is life and passion left to share.

Recently more and more dissatisfied vistors have complained about having come to find news, - only to see old stuff. These days are over now.

So in fact the Firestream Foundation will be back by popular demand. To be seen by car nutters from the remotest part of this planet.

We are living in the time of information, communication and globalisation. This has changed the world completely. Also the world of Classic Cars. While in former times you were over the moon when finding a sportscars spare part in an old local warehouse, - nowadays you can track parts down where ever they may surface on our world. From Chile to South Africa, from Norway to Papua New Guinea streches the hunting ground for the modern day Classic Car enthusiast. Still knowledge is and will be key as ever. But much more accessible than ever before.

In order to continue to share the ever lasting motor passion love affair, I invite you to look at this site from time to time. You will find all sorts of news and views that will make your visit worthwhile. I am convinced that offering intersting cars and rare spare parts for sale will also help.

Stay tuned for more info and don't be shy to get in touch via or fast track on 0043 699 133 27 138.

Best wishes