Friend's Cars

The passions of my friends

This section will certainly demonstrate that it does not depend on a big wallet but on a big heart to thoroughly enjoy cars. You will find anything from the sublime to the ridiculous and back again, because simply it is as cool to fall in love with a Bond Bug as it is to get your kick from a Gullwing Mercedes 300SL. Just take a look and enjoy.

Wiesmann of Alex Marcos of Alexander

Pedal car of Alice X-type of Andrew

Puch of Christian VW T2 of Filip

Electron of Franz Lexus of Franz

Porsche of Fritz Sunbeam of Geoff and Carol

XK8 of Geoff Porsche 944 of Gerhard

Cortina of Gottfried Mustang of Heinzi

Denzel of Herbert Mini of Hwezda

Jensen of Jacky Bedford of Johann

Cobra of Josef Porsche of Klaus

Ledl of Robert Fat Fiat of Rudi

Healey of Rudi Rolls of Toni


Cube of Ernst Dragster of Jackie

Riley of Josef Riley of Klaus

Riley of Otto NSU RO 80 of Jürgen

23 T Bucket Drugster of Jackie Jaguar XJ 12 of Vince

VW Käfer cabrio of Lutz and family MGF of Siegfried

Abarth of Andi TR6 of Martin