12.11.2007: ONE IN – ONE OUT

A new TX Tripper came from, - and an old Ford Corsair 2LV4 GT (ex Ing. Mag. Wolfgang Buchta) went back to it’s homeland.

Sometimes things fit like a hand in a glove. This time the Foundation was quite lucky.

Feeling not totally in sync with the intention to send a gearbox (Lotus Cortina ratios)- and diff (3,7)-less two door Corsair to automotive Walhalla, when a chat with Master Neil McCarthy (of www.105Speed fame) brought a change of perspective.
Thanks to him we got in touch with Corsair Prince David Slapp,
who in turn suggested that a friend of his would want to collect it from the FF headquarters and bring it back to Dear Old Blighty.
Not to die, - but to raise from it’s ashes. But WHY??? I was asking myself.

Then enter Corsair King Rob Shand, who enlightened the Foundation that a Two door Corsair V4 GT has to be seen as rarebit these days, - an endangered species so to say. So one deal was quickly struck exchanging this pirate against some tasty sixties Ford speed parts.

Meanwhile the Foundation had found and bought another TX Tripper via the classifieds on Motorbase, but this time, - would you believe? – a never started, new old stock kit (pile of bits with undrilled body, new windoors and hood as well as a perfect set of badges, brochures and some literature). Quite a find, considering that only about 40 kits where ever made in addition to 20 factory built cars.

To make all actors happy, Rob and the Corsair Boyz collected the TX, brought it down to Austria and headed back with the Corsair Ford on the trailer.

Needless to say that this adventure gave all the frontline participants that proud feeling of success and achievement
Yes, - we’ve made IT!!!