Unbelievable but true:

The Foundation’s own South African agent DOCTOR VICTOR has finally sent a picture as souvenir of our investigation into the country’s car scene earlier this year. Seeing the beautifully preserved pink 1958 Buick 4-door, 6-passenger sedan posing as a wedding car on the ground of posh St.Jones College in Johannesburg just made our day. As a real change from our usual activities of tracking down GSM Deltas, Basil Green’s fantastic Perana Ford Capris or Bugnats.

South Africa is a truly fantastic country. Whether you stay in Capetown, Durban or Joburg you can always discover some interesting cars. Like the custom built vehicle that may take you up the Sani Pass on the way to Lesotho Kingdom. Manufactured locally and based on Japanese 4X4s these creation go on routes that will certainly break lesser vehicles.

Regarding SA sports cars the British influence can clearly be see.

To wet you appetite and broaden your horizon, you might like to visit this interesting websites:

- GSM Club

- Capri Perana

Beside cars South Africa has so much more to offer. Most interesting animals, breathtaking landscapes and meeting
fascinating people.

As far as I am concerned, I will always treasure the memory of early morning golden sun rise over the Durban Sea.