During a congress trip to Barcelona the Foundation’s own Hungarian lady agent managed to visit Col-leccio d’Automobils Salvador Claret to discovered a super rare......... ASA Monomille GT Spider, wedged in between an MGA and Karman Ghia.

Looking like a pocket rocket Ferrari it came as line extension from an existing high performance coupe on the market in 1963.
It’s fiberglass bodywork clothing a space frame chassis, was designed by Bertone. As technical father Giotto Bizzarrini of Ferrari GTO and its own 5300 Strada fame, can take this credit.

This “Ferrarina” has to be seen as a real super car shrunk in the wash. All is there: Nardi steering wheel, Veglia gauges, leather interior. twin Webers, overdrive gearbox, 4 wheel disc brakes and Borrani road wheels with knock on spinners. While the SOC 4 cylinder engine could only muster 1032cc, it boasted some wild 91 horses to push the 720 kilo of car towards 190 km/h. What a gem for the sports car expert!

Until 1967 just 95 complete cars (of all types including Coupe, GTC, 411 and 613 “Roll Bar”) had left the ASA (Autoconstruzione Societa per Azione) factory. Only SIX were born as spiders. Even within this very limited number, there were two different front end treatments (Blunt nose, like our car and more pointed beak later).

If you’ll need more info, just get yourself a copy of Agusto/Settembre issue of Automobilismo D’Epoca magazine.
In case you don’t know your Italian, you can still look at the fantastic pictures.

Closing remark: This blue ASA Spider is indeed AS RARE AS ROCKING HORSE MANURE.