In order to blow some fresh wind into this section, we will now feature an unusual Retro Car Event that you may not be aware of.

Thanks to the Hungarian Agent of the Foundation an amazing event was discovered. Thinking of a step back in time regarding the track and the costumes of the spectators will make you immediately think to Goodwood revival meeting. Prestigious and expensive,- it has become one of the premier Classic Car events in the world. The Hungarian counterpart Velodrom Millenaris is very similar in the key ingredients but still newer and smaller.

The Velodrom is a quarter mile banked concrete track that was built in 1928 for the bicycle word championship racing competitions. In these days there was huge interest for the sport and thousands of visitors came to attend. Over the years a change of focus led to less and less interest and it’s still a wonder that this track was not demolished. Located in the heart of Budapest it provides a unique atmosphere for a classic car event plus track action. Twice a year (in May and September) old cars (that weigh less than a 1000kg), bikes and motorcycles are allowed to race on the banking.

Pre war cars pay nothing to participate, post war motors pay just EUR 25,- starting money. Nearly too good to be true.
Even two Austrian teams were attracted to compete. A Renault Alpine A110 and one of the few AS 160 constructed by component car expert Günter Ledl.

The most attractive Hungarian entry must surely have been the Volhistracing Monoposto. A newly constructed race car along the lines and ideas of an early 1960ies Formula Junior monoposto. An 1100cc VW Polo engine and a gearbox from a diesel VW Passat is fitted. A price of EUR 13.000,- was quoted for those interested to order one. Indeed amazing what gifted people come up with.

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