According to the our Hungarian Agent this event staged in Budapest’s Syma exhibition hall since 2007 was again well worth going.

Many visitors used the opportunity to step back in time on a fine autumn weekend. Certainly no one was left disappointed with 270 vehicles on display. In general the standard of restorations is rising constantly.

In Hungary many very skilled people have stepped into classic car business and take great pride in finishing their rebuilds up to an amazing standard of quality. It’s nice to see that quite often cars like a FIAT 850 saloon get a very complete restoration and are lovingly presented.

Due to the fact that most of the foreign classic cars have been imported within the last ten years, nice specimen have been bought by people affluent enough not to have to run them on a shoestring. Proper investments are done by understanding customers.

Some very original American cars, perfectly restored Datsun Zs, and a breathtaking Alfa Romeo 2000 Touring Spider and Mercedes 300SL Cabrio were tempting potential customers. EUR 85.000,- came as up an asking price for a rebuilt V12 E-Type Roadster.

Year by year people try harder to put up a good show. Even Ladies and Gentlemen dressed in period costumes as well as works of art could be seen. An excellent model display managed to cover most Eastern European cars in 1/43 scale.

All this and free parking makes the Budapest Oldtimershow the most pleasant in Central Eastern Europe.