Thinking about travelling the Foundation’s Agents would prefer many a country like England, Italy, Hungary over Germany. But as proof of exception there are certainly some exciting places to visit. Certainly good old Nürburgring comes first but hot on its heels its followed by the PROTOTYP Museum in Hamburg.

As brainchild of Thomas König and Oliver Schmidt this stylish place manages to capture the spirit of Germany’s sports car culture right from 1937 to today.

Mobility is the main frame. Modern computers and information technology is used to grab the attention of visitors making their stay a memorable one.

Porsche and VW derivatives are lovingly displayed in open spaces passing on not only info but the spirit of the time The owner team successfully managed to buy many significant specimen to exhibit. Ranging from Otto Mathe’s Lastenfahrad to Vasek Polak’s Weekend Racer (Porsche 356 Speedster). Racing Borgward 1500 can be seen near to an Austrian built 1954 Denzel 1500S.

A cinema and a very fine shop can also be discovered. Nice.

In order to keep it interesting and visitors teased to come back ever so often new exhibitions will come along. From the 27.11. – 27.3. 2011 the name of the game will be:
60 JAHRE FORMEL 1". It will be a retrospective Look at the fascinating world of Formula 1, full of emotions passion and sensations Cars, pictures and stories will provide an insight how this modern heroes coped with dangers from their cars, competitors and tracks. And survive (or not.......)

Well worth visiting. If not the place than at least you could see their website ( from the comfort of your armchair. Actually nothing is wrong with that, but believe The Foundation: Seeing this for real beats staying at home any day.