Having already seen quite a few openings of car museums in the past, this event of Auto – Klinik in Großhofen near Vienna was extreme.
About one thousand visitors attended. Certainly it had the dimension of a veritable “Volksfest” with various celebrities attending.

Long term enthusiast Erich Müller got this private museum started and managed to compile quite a collection. Not only cars like a Ferrari Testarossa, Triumph 2000 Roadster and American La France Racer but also Carriages , Toys, Motorcycles, Helmets and a lot of other technical gear is displayed in some elegant buildings.

Certainly this museum is a testimony to the enthusiasm and perseverance of a true expert. Customers of the workshop expect these people to properly care for their wheeled treasures whether its a scratch in the paint or a total rebuild.

Also the visitors contributed to a super nice day bringing more than 100 interesting cars along.