Kind (and hopefully returning) visitors af Foundation’s website might know that we always present nice places to visit, successful events or interesting news.

Maybe now it came the time to show something from the „other side” of the world. Geographically as well.

When the Hungarian Agent of the Foundation got the info that in June she will have the opportunity to visit Argentina, she started to investigate and to prepare in order to include some car-related issues in the official program of the trip. And of course to report to the kind readers.

In the cyber world everything looked simple: the website of the Argentinian Automobil Club presented its car museum (Automovil Club Argentina Museo ( as easy to find and easy to visit. Indeed. Near the center of Buenos Aires a huge building is hosting the Argentinian Automobil Club and the car museum. The 15 cars of the beginning of century, or the few dozen of car models were rather disappointing. The modell car collection of the Foundation would far-far exceed this one. If the Agent didn’t really expect (just a bit) to meet a real exemplary of the famous Vallelunga, made by Argentinian designer, Alessandro De Tomaso but she hoped to see at least some official cars of Evita Peron from early ’50s or the race car of the famous Argentinian racer Juan Manuel Fangio ( five times worls champion!). Maybe the only exciting item of this micro museum is the replica of Ferrari 166 driven to success in 1949 at Monza Grand Prix by the above mentionned Argentinian champion. Walking out the building on the other side of Avenida Liberador the advert of a Ferrari Maserati car saloon attracted the attention of our Agent. The old Ford parking in front of the closed and empty car saloon did certainly not compensate for the second disappointment.

Last chance to see some exciting automobil in this South American country was the Vintage Racing Car company producing Porsche replicas (( Meeting preapared in time, still from home in e-mails. The contact person from the factory website suggested to contact the Marketing director of the workshop to set up the meeting. But the given telephone did not answer ANY call during all the week.

Lastly – as this report is mainly about disappointments – the soccer World Championship added its last drop to the Argentinian visit. Despite all Argentina breathing with Maradona and its football team, despite the huge screens placed EVERYWHERE in the city, they jus let them beaten by the Germans. Resulting that our Agent did NOT become an Argentinian football fan.

Although Argentina is a beautiful country with fantastic natural monuments and elegant, clean and well organized capital city, the country did not show this time its car-face to our Agent. If the cars not, the amazing view of Iguazu falls at least offered a full reward for her disappointment.