According to a report by the Foundation’s Hungarian agent the end of the Matra Veteran Rallye proved to be very popular with the local people at the town of Gyöngyös, about 70km away from Budapest. Hundreds of visitors came to catch a view of the nicely restored or very original motorcars of the participants.

Indeed quite some interesting cars were to be seen. For instance the blue Wanderer W25K is quite rare and a beautiful pre war roadster similar to the BMW 328. Featuring a 1950 ccm straight six 85 hp engine it was only be built between 1936 and 1938. Weighing in at around 1000kg it has a lively performance and can easily put as smile on the owners face when driving.

The other most interesting old car present was a thoroughly restored Salmson Grand Sport Cycle Car Voiturette. Resplendent in French racing blue it proved to be a good example that speed is not only dependent on engine power but also on (as little as possible...) weight. Despite not even mustering 40 hp the Salmson managed to beat nearly all the competition in the years from 1924 – 1930.

Otherwise a colourful mixture of bred and butter everyday cars like Lada, Polsky Fiat, Dacia, Peugeot, Ford and Skoda could be admired. Also in Hungary the Classic Car owners appreciate the long lasting satisfaction that comes from a good ground up restoration.

Its good to see that this quality is also applied to on the first glance unsuitable cars like a Wartburg to help them survive with grace.
Best restoration must surely have been an extraordinary 3rd series Fiat 850 Coupe that was simply better than new.

All in all such events are well worth going or even better attending; - you will be surprised what could be seen there.