HOT news (and pictures) from the Foundation’s Hungarian agent concerning this year’s Oldtimer Expo in Vasúttörténeti Park, have just arrived at the headquarters. This EXPO event was now staged for the forth time and managed to attract more than 10.000 visitors within three days.

It is certainly a good alternative to some of the smaller show’s in other European countries.

Now, let’s look at some numbers. With about 3000 oldtimer cars registered in Hungary and about another 3000 unregistered, there is a dynamic market in development.
Nearly a 1000 cars per year are imported and two nice car magazins (Veterán Autó-Motor selling about 8000 copies and Retro mobil with 5000) take care of the interested readers. The show has a relaxed atmosphere and a lot of restoration work, car club displays and rally event promotions were to be seen.

As there was no dominant car production in Hungary during the classic age, the variety of automobile jewels, that have most recently come to this country, is huge.
Actually a Ferrari 250 Tour de France can easily rub shoulders with a Trabant 601.

So what will go down to history as the highlights of the event?

-Believe it or not, - a restored replica of a Skoda 130RS coupe was most probably best value with a price of EUR 10.000,- . Done in the works colour scheme of red, white and blue, it even featured these pukka up to 8X13 electron wheels. Thinking that a Renault Alpine A110 will set you back around 50.000,- and this race warrior follows a similar technical concept and costs just a fifth, makes this offer even more tempting.

-2. place goes to a Jaguar Mk 10 that gets restored by Pásztor Classics (Citroen and Peugeot Dealer : The quality of workmanship on the engine will have to be seen to be believed.

-Third place will go to the BURTON, a retro look kit car, based on the famous Citroen 2CV. It resembles a pre-war sporting two seater and has a well built fibreglass body sitting on a separate chassis. Kits for a do-it-yourself approach, as well as turn key cars are available.
A local representative has been appointed by the dutch manufacturer ( :

Hungary/Romania - RetroGarage
Roland P.Szolomayer
H-2066 Szár, Moricz Zs. str. 40

Tel: +36 30 9228099
Fax: +36 1 215 2227
Website: available)

All in all, in case you would like to broaden your horizon towards the east, - get your friendly doctor to prescribe you a visit to this very show in 2011.