attractive capitals. So Paris and the Retro Mobile prestigious classic car show was a natural choice for the Foundation’s usual suspects to attend.

RM is not nearly as big as Essen or the Birmingham show. Nevertheless it was full of very interesting cars, that are rarely ever seen anywhere else. You would expect to see Peugeots, Renaults, Citroens, Facel Vegas and the odd Panhard , Matra or Deutsch Bonnet.

What a good feeling see much more. This year the special theme was movie cars, - but not the ones that perform in front of the cameras, but others that where used as platforms or props for filming from. Citroens to rub shoulders with Peugeots. Very pleasing it is, that somebody is kind enough to preserve these old warhorses for future generations.

Super car lovers had a feast indeed, with a Monteverdi Hai, a Spanish Pegaso Z102, a striking yellow Lamborghini Miura attracting their attention.

Odd ball of the event must go to the remains of a 20ies Bugatti Type22 Brescia Roadster that was rescued from the depth of Lago Maggiore only recently. Despite being of no use whatsoever, it was auctioned off for EUR 260.500,- Somehow this left us puzzled as this certainly did not rock our boat, - what a sick, sick world.

Many of the cars were there to be sold. And many did; underlining the trend that the market is going strong in nicely restored turn key, needs nothing cars. The vision of instant use with nothing to mend or worry about makes people spend quite some dosh. Restoration projects have to be very rare and special to attract any attention. Some bargains could be snapped up here, in case the buyer has time, money, facilities and patience.

Objects of automotive art are also most welcome at the Retro Mobile. For further satisfaction, just check out these links:


Model car fanatics will see Retro Mobile like heaven.