The quest to search even the most remote places on earth in order to discover some offbeat vehicles, will remain ongoing as long as the Foundation exists.

To explore the countries in the East the Foundation’s agents where sent to Romania. Having never been there before, they had no clue what to expect.

Sure you can trace the steps of Dracula (actually Vlad Tepes, the impaler) by visiting Castle Bran and inhale the breath of vampirism, but road transport should be the target.

Coming to TÂRGU MURES (is still at heart Marosvásárhely, one of the great Magyar cities of Transylvania, although the Magyar influence has been diluted by recent Romanian and Gypsy immigration) they found themselves surrounded by a corso of classic cars: many different species could be seen.

Volvo P1800 (The Saint), Fiat 600 and 1800, Opel C Record, Ford Eifel, Taunus and 1968 Mustang Convertible as well as Skoda 1000MB and Oktavia were all present with owner and onlookers enjoy the event.

On the Road mostly Dacia are characteristic for this country, but also a solar/electrically powered Opel Corsa was spotted.

In general Romania is full of controversies, finding its place between horse drawn carriages (that are still widely used for daily transport and work) and brand new Bentley Continental GT Coupes of owners that must surely be a bit wealthier than the rest of the inhabitants.

Curious? Then don’t hesitate and start exploring the globe to broaden the knowledge of the Foundation.