29.1.2008: FF TR4 RESTO STORY PART 2

No news on this since September, - How comes?

Well our teaser on this subject ended with bad news last time: the original chassis was quite rusty…. So some drastic action had to be decided upon: As it is planned to rebuilt this TR4 to a “very fast road / tuners car” along the lines of a mix between the works cars and an SAH conversion, a solid base is a must.

After considering the options of welding up the old thing or partly reconstruct it, the Foundation decided to call an expert to build a brand new, strengthened (suspension pick up points and steering rack mounting) and uprated TR4 chassis.

Full of hope Mr. Colin Mathews of CTM Engineering
(http://www. ( was contacted in quest for the chassis, but unfortunately other TR owners have already had the same thing in mind. In typical British fashion we had to queue up to get one delivered in Jan. ‘009. We embarked on this exercise in patience, because we are convinced that one day a top TR restoration will be judged on a new chassis, when the car will not be a museum piece, but is scheduled to be driven fast.

Collecting the chassis in primer directly from Mr. Colin at CTM was a pleasant surprise. The quality has to be seen to be believed.
How good this virgin backbone looks, - without dents done by some rude application of a jack, wounds of old time accidents and of course rust perforation.

Now the reconstruction (aligning, welding in new panels, restore or modify others) of the bodywork can start.

Please, keep fingers crossed for a super outcome and stay tuned.