What a nice break to tease your retinas it was. To look at this special car exhibition in Vienna. Sharing the date with the Holiday Fair it offered quite a variety of motor vehicles.

Despite it was only a one (big) hall affair top marques like Pagani , Königsegg, Spyker , Mosler and Saleen, Ferrari and Wiesmann attended this exhibition. Vienna’s posh car dealer Karner und Grossegger brought some interesting pre-owned cars like the new Nissan Skyline, quite a rarity in Austria still.

Prügger Automobile had a X-Bow on offer. Yes, as Austrians we can be proud that KTM steps forward and makes a thing that shakes up the sports car world. Most likely it is a formidable track day weapon, - but Christ, why does it have to be sooo ugly?!? Somehow looks as it would fall into pieces at any given minute….

Fortunately one could also find some Classics, - ordinary ones like Mini Coopers and downright exotic items like two Marci (big and little) and an English Piper sports car.

Most outrageous exhibit’s price will certainly to a gold plated Ford Fiesta adorned with thousands of Swarovsky crystals. Taste is questionable; the huge amount of work is not.

We certainly hope that this show will return in 2010.