For more than 21 years the Foundation has owned a TR4.
All the story will be told in a new section dealing with ups and downs of a fully blown restoration. A few pictures attached should wet your appetite to follow it up and enjoy some gains and losses while we move along. It’s a safe bet for you to watch it with peace of mind that the reported happenings will happen to others and not your dear self.

I can tell you that matters can only improve: Visiting Budapest’s artisan in metal Steffan Gaydos ( and his merry men, who will take care of the rebuild of the bodywork,- did not amuse us much. After blastcleaning the bodywork can (just) be safed with some new panels but the chassis has had it with rust perforation on the main rails…….:-(((.

Diagnosis: In the interest of safety and integrity as well as the right spirit a new chassis is needed.

Soon you can discover what option we chose and see a pici of the positive outcome.

Step aboard and don’t miss the oncoming: FF TR4 RESTO STORY