Shortly after the Foundation’s own PS Party there is another motoring related event to attract the usual suspects.
This year the Giesser Brother, passionate Porsche racers from their heart, invited to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Cinecraft company (
What a pleasant evening it was with many car nutters and interesting machines from near and far coming along.
The invitation did contain a cut out car model that you were supposed to assemble and participate with in the “Fantastic Paper Bus Competition”. 29 teams made up their minds and entered very creative contraptions.
We are pleased to report that the Foundation won two first places with the second biggest bus entered by the Stevenson’s (some British agents of ours touring the Austrian countryside in their lovely 1973 Triumph TR6PI) and by Christian himself, who knocked up the largest one. Of course, we should also mention the success of our closest rival Mr. Roland David (, who competed with a remote controlled fully operational (although small size) bus.

Moral: Size matters, - at least when dealing with paper busses.