Driving back to headquarters from a business meeting in Linz I just had to take a detour through Amstetten.

No excuse, - but an intended visit to a car dealer ( who never fails to provide some offbeat vehicles that any other dealers can rarely muster.

This time, a Ford Custom cab D truck from the late sixties immediately cought my eye. The vehicle was used on the Linz Airport as a compressor carrier to start up aircrafts. With all the equipment still fitted, including a V8 eight litre plus petrol engine to drive the compressor and a straight six to power the truck, it remains in amazing condition with a total mileage of 1300 (in words thirteenhundred…) km from new.

Just look at the interior and it’s like a timewarp. The asking price is EUR 4000,- with the compressor gear and a reasonable EUR 2000,- without. In a nanosecond I got totally carried away with the idea of converting it in a classic race transporter to carry the Foundation’s newly acquired Lotus Elan Race car all over Europe. Just imagine it covered in proper signwriting entering the paddock of historic race meeting, what a picture. Ha, - an easy project!!

Lucky me, that I just sat down and waited till this fit was over.
Common sense prevailing, I just had to count all the projects waiting in the pipeline to be finished one day. I would not really fancy investing thousands to convert this truck, then get it registered and then worry that it may break down on the way to a distant circuit. As support vehicles modern machines just win hands down.

So, as I will not embark on this trip, I can only hope that someone else will, cause it is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO tempting.