24.-25.5.2008: 20th Anniversary Oldtimer Messe Tulln

How to start: Well, if you have not been there, you have certainly missed something! While the Tulln Show has been working hard to create an image of being the Austria’s biggest Auto jumble (more than 20.000 visitors within two days, this year the Foundation and Friends enjoyed the diversity of some truly amazing exhibition displays.

1.) Fiber Fun Specialist Sportscars:

Driven by the one and only enthusiastic Alexander Trimmel Esq, of model dealing fame, this fantastic Kit Car and low volume production car display was indeed rivalling professional exhibitions at major Classic Car Shows anywhere on this planet. Never before have spectators been able to see such an array of the mostly unknown four wheeled specimen. Even a hard core expert feels refreshed to see a Centaur, some TVRs, a flight of Marcoses (or is the plural indeed Marci?) two Fairthorpe Electrons in one place,Piper, Ginetta, Turner and the striking Dulon GT. Will this individualistic attack make punters forget about a common or garden MGB and the too well known TR6’s? Why on earth would you want to buy a run of the mill motor when one of these highly individualistic rides a can make you the star of whatever event you’ll be driving to? Ding, Dong, - only time will tell………


Always good for Austrian rare birds like Denzel, Austro Daimler or Ledl Sir Buchta and the Family also delivered this year a machine containing historic Austrian genes. It was the Austrian debut of the first Hungarian built reincarnation of the famous and ultra rare Intermeccanica Imp 700 gt. Created from hand beaten aluminium sitting on a steel Puch 500 platform it is indistinguishable from the
originals done by Fratelli Corna and North-East Engineering of Turin in the early sixties. If you fancy yourself being an owner, you can just make up your mind and call the master of this project:
Istvan Gajdos of Budapest on 0036 20 536 5360 or mail him on The 700 gt was a nice eye catcher for the AC booth and served as an other puzzle stone in the long term success story of Austria’s premier Classic Car magazine.


This time the Foundation got involved to create a more posh Custoca booth than the ones the company used to have while it was still trading. And yes, we could only do it with a little (big…) help from our friends Thomas Ilming (art director) and Alexander Trimmel (master facilitator), - thanks to you both. Having a lot of space available, would mean four cars on display. But Hell, - was it difficult to find at least 3 that would move under their own steam. In the end we proudly presented the STRATO of Werner Schubert, the HURRYCANE of Hannes Waldbauer and the HOMBRE BUGGY of Norbert Völkl. On Saturday and on Sunday a real crowd came, had a look and asked many a question.
Also some still undiscovered cars and owners were found and registered, - fulfilling the quest for listing the survivors. As our pictures will testify, fans of “Mister Custoca” Gerhard Höller fell down on their knees, when he and his lovely wife Eleonore appeared for a visit on Saturday. Annual Custoca meetings are
planned for a sunny summer’s day to come.