Yes, Hungary has become a beloved land (extra Hungaria not est vita, - si est vita, non est ita!) to me. Following an invitation (free tickets and drinks!) by this country’s #1 Steyr Puch Expert Istvan Gajdos, I just had to visit this top quality Classic car exhibition staged in an old railway depot. Not knowing what to expect it was pleasing to see all the different cars presented in very nice condition.

Clearly for me the Star of the Show was Istvan’s own unbelievably authentic Intermeccanica Puch IMP GT 700 recreation. Here it was the first time, that this car was put on public display. The IMP GT has strong historic links to the place, as the company’s boss Frank Reisner was born in Hungary in 1932. Istvan plans to build a series of 10 cars with full authorisation from the Reisner family. He is pleased that the first 2 are already sold. Certainly this whole story will warrant a proper article in top motoring journal.

Hungary’s classic car scene is very active and prices for nice cars are quite high as not a lot of foreign cars did come in the country when they were new (only examples from Czechoslovakia, DDR, Poland, Yugoslavia and Russia). Most of the now existing stock has only been imported recently.

I enjoyed seeing rare examples like a Marcos Volvo 3L, Daimler SP250, Maserati Mexico and Indy, a very original Renault Alpine recently imported from Mexico, some pre-war cars and a Sachsenring P70 coupe. Some fantastic displays were set up by a local restorer of American cars and the Hungarian 2CV club.

Thanks to Istvan for a nice afternoon to remember.

p.s.: YOU, yes YOU,- even if you live in Austria, can also see the PUCH IMP GT! Just come to the OLDTIMER MESSE TULLN and visit the AUSTRO CLASSIC booth.