True car nutters are born with a good dose of petrol in their blood. Therefore it is certainly nice to have some motoring paraphernalia beyond cars themselves. Beside the common obsession of spares, books and model collecting, a new fangled fetish is on the rise.

Every home should have its own petrol pump, - vintage or classic, of course. If that’s the trend, then the Foundation must keep up with the Jones’s. As in most of the cases, it has already made it’s mark where others still have to sniff at, - an authentic Austrian 1958 Tonhaizer & Co BP petrol pump was kicking about on the grounds for at least 15 years. Tatty but sound, it was unloved by the master and most friends of his.

In total contrast my eyes always feasted on the pristine, gleaming examples of Christian Bauer and Michaela Riedl’s pump sales displays at national and international classic car shows. Besides being an enthusiast and expert for fast Steyr Puch 650TR cars, Christian is an automotive bodywork artisan and petrol pump restorer by trade. As the Austrian market is not the ideal playground for serious, hardcore collectors, Christian by now is considered the leading European petrol pump expert, - not so easy to reach that level, even if this is a niche market.

Late in 2007 the decision was made to entrust the restoration of the Foundation’s own BP pump to Christian Bauer himself.
Now, after a few weeks time it came back, looking indeed better than new. “Ah,-how nice!” I think nearly every time I walk past. Must have some therapeutic effect too, - as most of the patients visiting the doctor, do like to touch it and comment on it.

Could it be, that you are also tempted by the prospect of some petrol pump wellness? Then, I may suggest, you contact the expert to discuss your options. If you are still uncertain, you can even rent some pumps from these agents.

Yes, - go and put a tiger in your tank.