In order to keep in touch with motor sporting events, the Firestream Foundation has firmly established one slot racing day for petrol friends between Christmas and New Year. Although we favour sixties Scalextric items for authentic period looks, preference is always given to the Carrera 1:24 Exclusiv track and cars. Competitive racing is just too rough for expensive old cars, when the red mist and the will to win take over control.

Despite no invitations have been sent out (just no time..) this time, the event was extremely well attend. 23 racers showed up. Some being there just for fun and track day training, while others put down their EUR 2,- starting money to enter the “Berlinetta” championship race where the winner gets a Ferrari 250 SWB styled in the Foundation colours.

These short wheelbase berlinettas are fast and reliable, stick to the track like glue thanks to their chassis magnets and can take some punishment. The only problem came up on both that were used in the trophy race, were lost exhaust tail pipes. Each car is available between EUR 60,- and 70,- from good model stores and can be thoroughly recommended.

Some other cars, we are sorry to report, did not fare so well. While Corvettes and Porsches just conked out peacefully, a new bought Jaguar E-Type managed to overheat after just a few minutes racing and turned into a heavy smoker. Much like in real life; - so you better beware!

After many tough knock out races, giving every competitor a fair chance, the 3rd place was taken by Custoca boss Gerhard Höller.
Manfred Zangl, our most experienced slot racer, who owns a fantastic Scalextric track set and many historic cars came second.

The unbeatable Harald of HO Motors was the winner of the day.

Because the race day extended into the wee hours of next one,Erich Walitsch came up with the idea for a 24 hour slot car race on the very day and time when the real one will be on in Le Mans ‘008. Now that’ll be a challenge for Girls, Boys and Machines……..